Employment & Training Services

Vocational Services

We offer services to adults 16 years of age or older with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, as well as socio-economic disadvantages. OE Enterprises is proud to serve as an employment resource for the community and provide vocational and pre-employment training to individuals with disabilities and disadvantages. All training is geared to the individual’s abilities and designed to meet specific vocational goals. Assessments are made to determine an individual’s potential for employment in the community. Goals are developed with each individual to enable them to gain their greatest degree of independence.

If an individual participates in services provided in an OE facility, and they preform work, they will receive incentive pay for work performed.

Community Employment & Supported Employment Programs


Supported employment is offered to assist individuals, who have more significant disabilities, with job development and placement, on the job training, and long term job retention. Supported Employment is a community based service. During the development stage the individual may visit job sites, complete applications, and job interviews. Once a job has been accepted and begun job coaching begins.

Job Retention

In job retention our staff will meet with you on the job site (unless you prefer a different location) at least twice per month, and makes at least one contact with your employer per month. On these visits staff will provide support and encouragement, assess the job stability, and offer assistance as needed, including modifications and/or accommodations. They may help you with issues outside of work directly or by referrals to other agencies if necessary. Staff can help you to communicate with your supervisor as needed, including asking for additional duties, asking for another position within the company or  asking for a raise.

Day Supports


Innovations Day supports is a service sponsored by the Medicaid Waiver. This program serves individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. These services are designed to assist the individual with the acquisition, retention, and improvement of independence in areas such as self-help, socialization, adaptive, and prevocational skills.

Community Activity & Employment Transition


The purpose of this program is to provide persons with developmental disabilities a spectrum of services in which they will have more choice, stability, and continuity. Areas of service within this program include Transition School Services, the Adult Developmental Vocational Program, and Long-Term Follow-Along Support. The various areas of service provide employment, vocational training, community inclusion, and/or other meaningful activities based on their needs and preferences.

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