OE Enterprises routinely handles a wide assortment of packaging tasks, an area in which we excel. Our facility can process large volumes, in customized variations, if so desired. We understand your “just in time” needs and can fully satisfy your special requests.

OE Enterprises works with many local, state, national and international companies as part of their assembly and packaging process.

Our Capabilities Your Benefits
80,000 sq ft production space Cost Reduction
Controlled Environment Product Launches
Taping and gluing Reduce cycle times
Folding Reduce delivery times
Sealing Best Total Value
Packaging Corrective/Preventive Action
Fulfillment Overflow Production/Capacity
Assembly Production
Sample Assembly & Delivery Compliance Assurance
Large Capacity

We specialize in quick turnaround and have a 98% on-time delivery of our customer orders. Call us about an analysis of your production operations and recommendations for cost reductions and lead time improvements.

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