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product fulfillment

Product Fulfillment OE Enterprises, Inc. is your full service fulfillment shop. We can: Assemble, Fill, Package and Ship your product. We are dedicated to the highest quality.

wharehousing & distribution

Warehousing & Distribution OE can satisfy your long and short term storage needs. We have the ability to handle large amounts of materials with a fully integrated inventory management system.

Mail Services

Mail Services We save customers significant time and expense by performing the time-consuming tasks of sorting, collating and arranging your valuable information.


Inspecting & Sorting The elimination of faulty parts from your production run can save your company lost time and revenue, and further assure the satisfaction of your customers.


Transportation & Logistics OE Enterprises has its own fleet of trucks and licensed commercial drivers to handle local deliveries. When the need is beyond the local area, we can network with carriers to ensure the efficient transport of materials.


Packaging & Shipping OE Enterprises routinely handles a wide assortment of packaging tasks, an area in which we excel. Our facility can process large volumes, in customized variations, if so desired. We understand your “just in time” needs and can fully satisfy your special requests.


Inventory Management Through OE Enterprises’ Cloud-Based inventory management system, we can manage material through a consignment agreement or take ownership of your inventory. We have the resources, expertise, and knowledge to purchase material from you or your supplier to assist in managing your supply chain.


Kitting & Assembly OE Enterprises boxes, bags, sorts, repackages, kits, assembly and reworks. We have the people and the equipment to handle the job.


What Can OE Do For You?

  • Flexibility of space and workforce that allows us to meet fluctuating production demands
  • Assistance with managing the peripheral products and services of your company, creating more time for you to focus on core business concerns
  • Centralized location
  • Ability to expedite delivery of your products to the marketplace
  • Reduction of your operating costs
  • Satisfaction from knowing that your company is serving the community by providing jobs for people with disabilities